There are two ways to download the Crap4j Eclipse plugin:

1) Easiest & Recommended: Use the Eclipse Update Site

    • Inside Eclipse (version 3.2.1 or greater only), select the menu item 'Help/Software Updates/Find and Install'.
    • From the dialog that opens, select 'Search for New Features...'
    • Enter the update site name,
    • Enter the URL,
    • Press 'OK'
    • You should see The Crap4j entry. It contains a crap4j component and some JunitFactory components that Crap4j depends on.
    • Select all items by selecting the top-level item.
    • When Eclipse restarts, you should see a Toilet Paper Icon on the Menu bar.
    • Select an open project in the Package Explorer, and press the button to launch Crap4j.
    • You should see a web page open in an Eclipse Editor that contains the results.
    • Enjoy! Please tell us how you like it.

NOTE: To Early adopters who downloaded Crap4j from the Junit Factory website.

      • We have renamed the plugin, so you will have to disable your old version.
      • From the Help Menu, choose 'Software Updates/Manager Configuration'
      • From the left hand of the dialog that pops up, select the old version of the Crap4jEclpse plugin.
      • On the right side of the dialog, click disable, and accept the option to restart Eclipse.

2) If you have firewall issues: Download the latest Eclipse site tarball